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Based in The Netherlands

Release date:
10 September 2015

Steam (PC / Mac / Linux)


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Standard$ 8.99
Deluxe Edition$ 10.99


Cross of the Dutchman is an action adventure game based on the true story of the folk legend 'Pier Gerlofs Donia'. The story takes place in medieval Western Europe, in the province of Frisia, near the turn of the 16th century. Though Pier and his family lived in peace, the world around them was changing for the worse. Saxxon legions were invading nearby villages, making the lives of the native people next to impossible. On one faithful day, Pier got involved with the Saxxon oppressors, escalating the situation for the worse. The events portrayed in this great adventure caused Pier to gather a band of farmers and form a front against the oppressors. The acts that followed made Pier into the legend he is known for, the Cross of the Dutchman.


The development of Cross of the Dutchman was recently completed despite of a series of hardships. Even though the development started just over six years ago, the project has seen multiple revisions and was even put on hold because of budgetary reasons. Triangle Studios is incredibly proud to announce that Cross of the Dutchman is finally ready for a worldwide audience!


  • Completely unique historically accurate environments.
  • A rich and compelling storyline with incredible characters.
  • An aesthetically unique art style.
  • Action, Adventure and Strategy gameplay elements.
  • Incredibly satisfying battle mechanics, emphasizing a feeling of power and strength.
  • Large, outdoor battlefields with hundreds of opponents and allies.
  • Detailed hand-drawn cutscenes.
  • A unique soundtrack.


Cross of the Dutchman - Official trailer (1080p60) YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (22MB)
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Cross of the Dutchman - 1.png
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Awards & Recognition

  • "Listed as most promising PC game of 2015" PC Gamer, 2014

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Cross of the Dutchman Credits

Remco de Rooij
Executive producer, Mission design, Story

Stefan Kuizenga
Producer, Music & SFX

Timen Rienstra
Mission design

Tim Toxopeus, Tim van der Heijden, Tjalling Lankreijer, Mark van der Wal

Pascal Brander
Art & design

Ronald Houtermans
3D art

Christiaan Moleman

Willem Frolich
2D art

Robert Miedema

Ate Grijpstra

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